The Civil Rights Movement

It is not a comfortable thing to be confronted with our nation’s less endearing chapters, but it is said that those who do not know our history are doomed to repeat it. I would like to give a shout out to the photographers who had the courage to shoot the images cited in The Civil Rights Movement. When the first  African-American student, James Merideth, was to be integrated into the University of Mississippi; Charles Moore, a photographer for Life, discovered that his skin color did not make him immune from the repercussions of recording these events. “Moore’s hotel room was invaded by a pack of angry students. One of them began to choke Moore and shout obscenities in his face. Moore Recalls: ‘I never took my eyes off his eyes. I have never seen such hate on anyone’s face before; it was as if I were vermin.” (Moore)

I have added 27 images to the Digital Image Database from this title that document the Civil Rights struggles of the mid 1900’s.