She features the work of Wallace Berman and Richard Prince. Both of these artists focus on found images and collage. She pays homage to these two artists’ depictions of the female form. “Berman loved women and embraced the notion of the female muse… Berman had deep roots in the world of poetry, and that’s what poets do with women – they idealize and romanticize them.” (Kohn, 11) Berman whose hay day was in the 60s and 70’s passed away at the age 50 soon after. Richard Prince, a contemporary artist, still lives and the work we see in this title are all from 2007-2008. “I associate glamour with a being a bit naughty and being a piece of work. Hanging out with Lydia Lunch reminded me of reading Naked Lunch” (Prince, 106) There is common muse that seems to inform both of these artists.

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