Keiichi Tanaami

I am closing out my day with Daydreams by Keiichi Tanaami. This prolific Japanese artist spent his formative years in Japan during the War in the Pacific. He later would be one of the resident artists of Andy Warhol’s Warehouse. I have always had a great deal of interest in the reasons for repeated motifs in an artist’s work. The War in the Pacific was responsible for the oft noted presence of goldfish in Tanaami’s work. “Led by his mother into an air raid shelter, Tanaami saw a giant fish tank above ground, and from the darkness below, the flares spewing from the American B29 bombers lit up the goldfish to create an eerie image.” (Fukasawa, 116) I have added 16 images of Taanami’s work in several different mediums to SCAD’s Digital Image Database.

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