Mary Nohl

Mary Nohl (1914-2001) was a person who left no stone unturned in a very literal sense. With today’s artists who have a strong DIY ethic they could take a page from this lady’s book. Her home‘s interior and surrounding grounds were the vast canvas she utilized to create a magical environment in which her creativity seemed to manifest in every detail. I have added 15 images to the Digital Image Database from Mary Nohl: Inside & Out.

“It will be wonderful if my health lasts because my interests are so many. I enjoy my time. I am a lucky dog. I am because I’ve pursued and developed my interests. My big problem is jealousy among people who haven’t reached the level of fun I have.” -Mary Nohl

Untitled, Mary Nohl, c.1960-1998

Untitled, Mary Nohl, c.1960-1998

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