Taj Forer

I have added 12 images to our digital image database from Threefold Sun by Taj Forer. There is an anticipation evident in his work. I felt like each of his images were a prelude to a mysterious story.

“Now, this ‘education towards freedom’, beautiful and banal is taught to us through Forer’s photographs of American Waldorf schools and the biodynamic farming system that Steiner also founded. Everyday calmness is held by a palette, at once serene and vibrant, that echoes the Goethean color theory absorbed by every Waldorf child. Beauty is present where we might expect it (a wall of sunny children’s paintings, a tree house), but mostly where we don’t (a slightly deflated yellow ball in a cement play yard, a sledding hill with not enough snow). Utopia is peacefully waiting: as an unseen  ball on the roof; as a glimmer of brightness; as a patch of color; as the touch of mud. (Mavor, 11)” -from Threefold Sun

Maypole in January, Taj Forer, 2007

Maypole in January, Taj Forer, 2007

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