Moderna Museet

The Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden released The History Book. “When you work at Moderna Museet, it can sometimes feel as though you are dealing in myths. We help to construct myths – about artists and their work, in particular – while, it is to be hoped, also deconstructing others. We put together narratives about works of art, artists, times and places, and we examine and revise them. As part of this process, myths also arise about ourselves, about what happened, who did what and why. Over the course of fifty years, a good many such stories, and in their more intense form – myths, have been created.” (Lars Nittve, Director)

The VRC has added 16 images of the museum’s acquisitions to the Digital Image Database.

Images clockwise from top left: Rodeo – Detroit (1955) by Robert Frank; Armed Robbers, Oklahoma City (1976/1986) by Larry Clark; Car Hood (1964) by Judy Chicago; Autobiography by Robert Rauschenberg

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