Photos that Changed the World

“There are photographs that we appreciate for their beauty. And there are photographs that shake us, disquiet, and distress us so deeply that they are etched in our memories forever. This book is about those Photographs. Some of the images in this collection not only moved the public at the time of their publication – and continue to have an impact to this day – they set social changes in motion, transforming the way we live and think. (Peter Stepan, editor)”

The VRC has added 22 images from Photos that Changed the World to the Digital Image Database. These images are available to the SCAD community with your MySCAD Log-in.

Images clockwise from top left: Mary Ann Vecchio and Jeffery Miller who was Slain by the National Guard (1970) by John Paul Filo, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering his “I Had a Dream” Speech (1963), Federal Agents Dumping Bootleg Liquor (early 1930’s), Hiroshima (1945) by George Robert Caron



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