The Mezzotint

“Since the introduction of the first mezzotint print in 1642, the medium has continued to grow and change. Author Carol Wax traces mezzotint through its heyday in the eighteenth century as a means of disseminating inexpensive copies of paintings or themes, its decline in the nineteenth in the face of competition from new printmaking processes, and its triumphant resurgence in the twentieth as an exciting creative process. (Wax, back cover)”

The VRC has cataloged 8 images from The Mezzotint: History and Technique.

Images clockwise from top left:

Remington Noiseless (1986), Carol Wax (book author), mezzotint

Itaglio-Intermezzo (1984), Sharon Firth Aivaliotis, mezzotint

Barrack Two III (1982), Jukka Vanttinen, mezzotint

L’Immobilite (1984), Hachmi Azza, mezzotint

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