Chauvet Cave

When the artists who adorned the walls of Chauvet Cave were alive Jesus Christ was still 28,000-30,000 years from birth. This cave in Southern France contains hundreds of animal images. Particular to this cave is the depiction of predatory animals such as lions, panthers, and owls. Most caves of time only depicted the animals hunted for sustenance.

The VRC has cataloged 16 images from Chauvet Cave: The Art of the Earliest Times.

Images clockwise from top left:

Four Bison Heads. (c.30,000-28,000 BC). Pigment on stone.

Panel of Hand Prints. (c.30,000-28,000 BC). Pigment on stone.

Sacred Heart Panel. (c.30,000-28,000 BC). Pigment on stone.

The Horse Sector. (c.30,000-28,000 BC). Pigment on stone.

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