“EdgyCute: Definition: cuteness on the edge of insanity (adj.)… …This collection samples how previous art movements like graffiti and Neo-Pop have morphed into EdgyCute. These are all artists that I work with at Orbit Gallery. Of all these wonderful talents many of them are already known, while others are recent discoveries that I’m happy to share with you. All of the work is highly addictive, has a bold power of its own and speaks its own language. Not everyone will understand these languages, but I invite you to stay awhile, settle back in your favorite chair, open your mind and let this work sneak into your dreams, a place where understanding becomes secondary. (Saylor, 5)”

The VRC has cataloged 35 images from EdgyCute, these images are available in the Digital Image Database for the SCAD community.

Images clockwise from top left:

Necessary Evil. (2008). Overman, Emma. acrylic on canvas. private collection.

Beverly’s Bat Mitzva Went South When It Was Let Known She Was On The…Rag!. (2007). Wilson, Donald Roller. oil on canvas. private collection.

Eva. (2008). Mason, Angie. acrylic on paper. private collection.

Tasmanian Devil. (2008). Nakamura, Motomichi. marker on bristol board.

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