The Little Blue Whale

Jen Library’s Special Collections is the archive of the Don Bluth Collection of Animation. Among the vast assortment of treasures this collection offers are a few films that were not realized. With this particular digital project I have scanned, edited, and cataloged 128 animation cels based on the storyboards of The Little Blue Whale. This body of work never made it to celluloid. So SCAD’s Digital Image Database is the only place this story exists other than in the archive box the original work resides in. I have included the corresponding narration from the storyboards with each cel so that the whole story is available to the SCAD community.

Images in the database do not have watermarks.

The Little Blue Whale. (1984-1985). Bluth, Don. cels from storyboard, acrylic on acetate, gouache on board.

Image captions clockwise from top left:

Storyboard 114 – Narrator: “But dangerously close by, the merciless whaling captain moniters the pod.”

Storyboard 10 – Narrator: “In the darkness, it resembles an aging vulture.”

Storyboard 109 – Narrator: “Klu sets out to sea singing his happy melody. Much to his surprise…”

Storyboard 85 – Narrator: “Still frustrated, Klu slaps the yacht… The force of the blow hurling the child into the sea.”

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