The Other Face

“Recording the face photo-mechanically on a light-sensitive surface creates a likeness that is an apparent double. Consequently, in the context of ‘imaging’ procedures, the human portrait has always appeared on another face. No other medium confronts us with reality in the same way as photography. And yet this re-presentation, set apart from time and space, is no more than a disconcerting analogue of the real, in which essence and appearance are interwoven in a complex relationship. Arising from an awareness of this difference is ‘power of the observed over the observer,’ a fascinating effect that holds us spellbound with an uncanny intensity. (Kemp, 8)”

SCAD’s VRC has cataloged 25 images from The Other Face. These are available to the SCAD community in the Digital Image Database with your MySCAD log-in.

Images clockwise from top left:

Hockney, David. Gregory, Los Angeles, March 31st 1982. (1982). Polaroid collage. 36.38 x 33.65 cm.

Coburn, Alvin Langdon. Vortograph of Ezra Pound. (1917). Gelatin silver paper, double images and fragmentation produced by reflecting element in front of lens. 20.7 x 15.8 cm.

Corbijn, Anton. Barbara III, London. (1990). Color prints on alucobond; plexiglas. 123 x 123 cm.

Steinert, Otto. Maske einer Tänzerin. (1952). Gelatin silver print, negative print of a transparency montage. 61 x 47 cm.

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