Liquid Threshold

Seemingly, Liquid Threshold, is a book that discusses mutability or the suggestion of it in architecture and large sculptural works. From giant red membranes that span cavernous buildings to sculpture that resembles an enormous floating blob of mercury it is definitively about unconventional architectural practice and would lend inspiration to anyone who wanted to escape the limitations of 4 walls.

The VRC has added 13 images to the Digital Image Database accessible by the SCAD Community with a MySCAD log-in.

Images clockwise from top left:

Cloud Gate. (2004). Kapoor, Anish. Copper outer skin supported by mild steel internal frame. Chicago, Illinois.

Federation Square. (1996-2002). LAB Architecture Studio. Melbourne, Australia.

Rotating Wind Shelters. (2005). Ian McChesney. Stainless Steel. Blackpool, United Kingdom.

Baltic and Taratantara. (1999). Kapoor, Anish. Red membrane, scaffolding, installation. Gateshead, United Kingdom.

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