DC Comics: Covergirls

“The Subject? A highly specialized field of an already specialized industry: the art of comic book covers. But this tome takes you step further into the Theater of the Bizarre, the even-more-highly-specialized field of the art of comic book covers with women as their subject” (Hughes, 13).

The Visual Resources Center has added 20 images from DC Comics: Covergirls to the Digital Image Database. These are available to the SCAD Community with your MySCAD Log-in. These are beautifully rendered images of the hyper-sexualized female form. It is worth the trip to the library to see the book and the collection in it’s entirety. We thought these might be of interest to our sequential artists.

Images clockwise from top-left:

Jimenez, Phil. (2003). Wonder Woman (2nd Series) #188 (cover art by Adam Hughes). DC Comics.

Moore, Alan. (2001). Promethea #12 (penciled by J.H. Williams III, inked by Mick Gray). DC Comics.

Johns, Geoff. (2004). Teen Titans #8 (penciled by Mike McKone, inked by Matt Ryan). DC Comics.

Balent, Jim. (1999). Catwoman (1st Series) #66. DC Comics.

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