“The UK today is less a place than an image, a collective of neurosis projected onto an island. It is a strange brew of glocalisation (sic) and parochial nostalgia played out through incessant media frenzy, reinventing itself by the minute. Hitting the nerve of what it is to be British now, this collection of 65 artists forges a sublimely contemporary vision, laser-sharp in its mirror reflection.” (The Saatchi Gallery, IV)

The VRC has cataloged 23 images from Newspeak: British Art Now. These are available to the SCAD community in the Digital Image Database.

This is a wonderful collection of contemporary artists from across the pond. Check it out!

Images clockwise from top-left:

Evans, Dick. (2006). Black Grape. Silicon carbide, paint, artex, polystyrene, can, cigarette butts. 222 x 165 x 200 cm.

Bronstein, Pablo. (2005). Elevation and Interior of Historic Building. Ink and gouache on paper in artist’s frame. 33 x 40.5 cm.

King, Scott. (2008). Pink Cher. Screenprint and paint on canvas. 300 x 200 cm.

Farmer, Tessa. (2005). Swarm (detail). Mixed media. Variable dimensions.

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