From the Private Collections of Texas

The Lone Star state has an amazing number of art patrons who have contributed to some of the greatest collections in the world. From the Private Collections of Texas features works from around the world that has been held in the private collections of Texans. The VRC has cataloged 25 images from this title in the Digital Image Database. These will be accessible with a MySCAD log-in.

Images clockwise from top-left:

Heda, Gerrit Willemsz. (1656). Banquet Piece with Ham. Oil on canvas. 44 x 60 inches. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas.

Reni, Guido. (c.1613-1614). The Martyrdom of Saint Apollonia. Oil on copper. 11 x 7 7/8 inches. Private collection.

La Tour, Georges de. (c.1630-1635). The Repentant Magdalene. Oil on canvas. 30 11/16 x 39 3/4 inches. Private collection.

Magritte, Rene. (1942). Daily Bread. Oil on canvas. 35 1/2 x 27 inches. Private collection.

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