The Eye Club

“‘The Eye Club’ was the sobriquet later bestowed upon this loose conglomeration of sometimes very competitive individuals by the writer and historian Eugenia Parry, who observed their peregrinations while preparing her own researches into Gustav Le Gray, Henry Le Secq, and other then-underknown French masters. Parry has characterized the players, and the moment, as having ‘no rules…These people were operating purely on instinct and the love of seeing. Photography was their perfect vehicle. They were living through the eye to get to the id.'” (Frankael, 7)

The VRC has cataloged 15 images from The Eye Club. These are available to the SCAD community in the Digital Image Database with an active MySCAD log-in.

Images clockwise from the top-left:

Adams, Robert. (1976). Fort Collins, Colorado. Gelatin silver print. 5 x 5 inches.

Fuss, Adam. (1999). My Ghost. Unique silver print photogram. 52 3/8 x 44 3/8 inches.

Avedon, Richard. (1962). Killer Joe Piro, Dance Teacher, New York City. Vintage silver print. 10 x 8 inches.

Arbus, Diane. (1971). New York skyline in a lobby, St. Petersburg, Fla. Gelatin silver print. 11 3/4 x 14 1/2 inches.

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