Juxtapoz: Poster Art

“One might claim screenprinting is making a comeback, but the truth is that screenprinting is bigger now than ever. In the past 10 years, screenprinting has ballooned in popularity and a new class of artist has emerged. These artists stepped away from the psychedelic posters of the ’60s and developed their own aesthetic – incorporating everything from hand drawn type to found objects. Their poster have become sought-after collector’s items for art and music fans alike.” (Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine, 9)

The Visual Resources Center has cataloged 22 images from Juxtapoz: Poster Art in the Digital Image Database. These images are available to the SCAD community with an active MySCAD log-in.

Images clockwise from top-left:

Rogers, Jermaine. (2006). Bauhaus.

Fairey, Shepard. Afrocentric (Black Panther Angela Davis)

Emek. (2004). Siouxsie.

Kleinsmith, Jeff. (2004). Wilco.

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