Joe Coleman

“Visitors to this exhibition can follow this process by delving themselves into the paintings and into the people and characters they depict, thereby immersing themselves in a world that may be our world but whose disturbing manifestations are usually, consciously or unconsciously, blocked out. Joe Coleman by contrast focuses tirelessly on the deviant. Violence and pain run through all his works. In them he combines the compositional principles of icon painting with the mostly invisible knowledge of the American underground and with countless quotations from all areas of image production. The resulting complexity gives rise to an idiosyncratic and dense visual cosmos, a pandemonium, whose protagonists are the wretched and walking wounded.” (Pfeffer, 7)

The VRC has cataloged 16 images from Internal Digging. These are the works of Joe Coleman. We encourage the SCAD community to view these paintings in the Digital Image Database. The higher quality of image will allow the viewer to read the rich detail and information engendered in this body of work.

Images clockwise from top-left:

Coleman, Joe. (1996). Faith. Acrylic on panel. 58.7 x 73.7 cm.

Coleman, Joe. (1994). Miracles for Sale (Todd Browning). Acrylic on panel. 66 x 81.3 cm.

Coleman, Joe. (2005). Indian Larry’s Wild Ride. Acrylic on panel. 111.8 x 120.7 cm.

Coleman, Joe. (1994). I Can Still Remember the Glory That Was Once New York. Acrylic on panel. 69.5 x 69.9 cm.

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