Sam Feinstein

Radiant, monumental, transcendant presences – energy made visible as form – these are Sam Feinstein’s paintings. It has been said that Cezanne’s art was mundane, El Greco’s astral and Mondrian’s celestial. All three of these characteristics have emerged in Sam’s paintings at different times during the seventy-year evolution of his art from realism through expressionism, cubist-expressionism, Hofmann-influenced abstraction, to his own unique language of color – luminous and life-enhancing – in his mature abstract paintings. (Pat Stark Feinstein, 6)

The VRC has cataloged 15 images from Sam Feinstein. The images are available to the SCAD community in the Digital Image Database with an active MySCAD log-in.

Images clockwise from top-left:

Feinstein, Sam Lawrence. (c.1930s). Street Scene. Oil on canvas. 40 x 30 inches.

Feinstein, Sam Lawrence. (c.1930s). Market AM. Watercolor. 14 1/2 x 20 inches.

Feinstein, Sam Lawrence. (date unknown). Flowering. Watercolor. 24 1/2 x 19 inches.

Feinstein, Sam Lawrence. (mid 1950s). Harbor. Oil on canvas. 36 x 48 inches.

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