I am proud to say I have officially been here a year. I have assisted in laying the groundwork for a new Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. I assisted our consultants at Optimity Advisors in interviewing our stakeholders and developing a new taxonomy. I have organized and staged over 11 TB of content in preparation for this new system. I have been assisting in reviewing DAM vendors to the end of identifying the best system for our business case. I have had a thorough education in the Consumer Product Goods business space. I have cultivated relationships throughout the CPG business to engender good governance for digital assets. I am looking forward to the next steps in my career and am excited for new challenges!


The Ever Evolving Duties of a Librarian

At this point in time I am proud to say that the Digital Asset Library which is a Piction, DAM system installation is fully realized as it was envisioned in our RFP. Now we are reviewing the assets we house to refine metadata and improve the overall search-ability of the system.


Now that this system is in place I have been tasked with 2 additional projects. The first is to revamp our division’s website. It is a confusing mess of menus that divorces policy and guidelines from the services we provide. My job is to partner with one of our web gurus, Monaco Jones, and make this become less of pile of unconnected menus and information silos and more of an interactive experience that helps the potential client determine which of our services would best suit their PR and Communications needs. This will be accomplished by guiding them through our policies and criteria for service before they get to our service applications.

The second duty I have been tasked with is refining our in-house server’s storage structure and asset archival practices. This coupled with the website rebuild has made me expand these two projects into an overall review of workflow, distribution and storage policies. We pay for a lot of disparate systems to accomplish the myriad services we provide. Charge-back systems, DAM systems, and all of these amount to a fair amount of time and energy spent navigating between them. So I am currently drafting a full time/cost analysis to help guide future decisions and to trim the fat off of our daily processes.

More to come as these projects evolve.

Training for the Piction Digital Asset Library at GSU

We have come very far in the implementation of GSU’s new digital asset management system (DAM). Thus far I have been through my first GA State RFP process. I have migrated 14,000+ assets from a legacy database into the new DAM. All the while learning how to identify glitches, errors, and desired customizations for a new system. As the Digital Assets Archivist and project manager, I have worked collaboratively with IT professionals, network gurus, designers, photographers, purchasing and administration to bring this project to fruition. This has been the single largest undertaking of my professional life since graduating with my MLIS in 2010.

My most recent milestone has been creating my first training tutorial using Prezi. Please check it out here. I welcome any feedback from those experienced in information literacy or library instruction. 

Prezi Overview of Digital Assets Management Planning

I have created a Prezi to help my colleagues understand where I am at and what my thoughts for the future are concerning Digital Assets Management for University Relations and Creative Services at Georgia State University. We are in the early stage of consulting with clients and content creators as we move forward with this implementation process.  I think my personal challenge is to foment a cohesive vision for this system with my colleagues. It has been a great lesson in patience and persistence. I am hoping this presentation will help get everyone on the same page.

New Job! Digital Assets Archivist at Georgia State University.

So I have left Savannah far behind me and am now a proud citizen of Atlanta! I have started my new position with a significant challenge. I am now tasked with finding a digital assets management system for GSU’s Creative Services division.

After a couple of weeks of being here this is what I have learned:

  • First and foremost we are looking for a way to streamline workflow and store the assets created by staff photographers and our videographer.
  • This system needs to be able to accept multiple file formats for video and still images. (RAW, JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, video formats, etc.) There is also the possibility of utilizing this system to to house all of our graphic design materials(bitmaps, graphics, etc.). I would also like a thumbnail preview option for all of these objects.
  • This system needs to have multi-user licensing so we can easily distribute assets to our clients both within and outside of our institution.
  • We need to be able to have complete control of our collections. i.e. ability to share specific collections with specific users (clients) while having other collections be strictly in-house, such as a RAW archive.
  • An eCommerce/monetize stock image option for direct download is highly desirable.
  • Our system needs to be able to utilize an IPTC schema with an in-house keyword taxonomy and hierarchy.
  • This system needs to auto-populate data fields from the imbedded metadata in the image.
  • This system needs the vendor to provide technical support to administrators. Our IT department is not in a position to handle this.
  • We need our assets to be hosted or in a load balanced cloud environment.
  • We would like for the system to be scalable and we will need a list of available plug-ins.
  • We need an imbedded conversion function so we can store a master that can be downloaded in any format by our end users.
  • We are interested in migration services as we move our assets from our legacy file system to the new DAM.

This list of needs is evolving as we continue to explore our options. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions!